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We do not quote liners over the phone for the following reason: How can we properly bid on a job without actually seeing it? However,
for a general price range – depending on the size and condition of the pool, most liners with installation average $2000 to $4000.

Please keep in mind that installation isn’t just installing a liner… we do a lot more than that!

No need to rearrange your day, so, you do not have to be home for the estimate. We just need permission to go in your backyard. Though we are happy to accommodate your schedule, we can quote the job faster if we do not have to be at the residence at a specific time.

Pets are part of the family and do not bother us. Just give us a heads up if Fluffy bites and/or any other special requests (i.e. use back gate, lock fence when finished, etc). All of our vehicles are marked with the Pool Doctor logo.

We will send you a typed, firm estimate in the mail, by fax and/or email in a timely manner so there is no worry, no hassle and you can reserve your installation as soon as possible.

We do estimates most everyday of the week, and normally look at the job within a day or two of your request.

We do installations on a first come, first serve basis so the sooner you decide, the sooner you will be swimming.


After signing the contract and picking out a print, your pool will be on its way to looking new.

It’s not just a liner…


Your new pool liner will be custom made for your pool. We take exact measurements so your liner will fit better and last longer. The pool measurements are sent to our designer to ensure the custom make and fit. For this reason, we do not stock in ground pool liners as every pool is unique. Even though you think your pool is “standard” such an 18 x 36, it is not exact. There is no such thing as a standard pool.

Custom does not mean more expensive, it means perfect!

Our pool liners automatically come in the thicker gauge material opposed to the cheaper, thinner material… for no extra charge! This means that you are getting a heavier gauge liner for the same price as a thinner one. Why? We manufacture our own liners… so we pass the savings to you (plus, we do a lot of them).

And that’s not all! Our professional installation comes with the following for the quoted price.

Jeff Knapp

The Pool Doctor

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