Pool Chemicals Are NOT Created Equally!

That is why we offer the best, most trusted brands for the health and safety of your family and friends.

Chemicals bought from “big-box” stores, hardware stores and most online brands may provide a cheap, quick fix with “fillers” such as Styrofoam and/or animal fat that leads to long term problems on your pool equipment, skin, hair and eyes from improperly balanced water can be devastating.

Most water problems such as algae, cloudiness, scum ring, green hair, itchy eyes and burning skin comes from cheap chemicals and improper water balancing. We know, you’ve been using 12 bags of “shock” for years and your pool is perfect. Not so!

A clear pool does not mean a healthy pool! Often times people are so used to swimming in an unbalanced pool that once we are able to get the pool water proper and healthy, our customer are like “WOW! The water is so soft and clean!

Always buy your pool chemicals from a brick and mortar pool store with trained professionals to help you! You should test your water once a month! Don’t fear that we are here just to sale you something… that is not our style. We only sell you what you need, when you need it. We want you to love your pool… not complain about it!

Water testing/analyses with our state of the art lab helps us determine how to get your water perfect. Water testing is free for new and existing customers; however, we cannot test water that has attempted to be treated with off brand chemicals such as anything from a big box or hardware store. You will need to contact those places directly for help.

Each pool is different, just like you! That is why we help tailor your specific needs by first helping you balance your water, then help you maintain it easily.

Once your water is properly balanced, you will save time and money… guaranteed!

We also offer premium pool grade, Quick Dissolve Salt, Brilliance Spa and Baqua Spa for your hot tub!

Jeff Knapp

The Pool Doctor