Fiberglass Pools

The popularity of composite fiberglass pools continues to grow every year. With that in mind, Imagine Pools™ set out to develop
a cutting edge swimming pool that is designed to last.

Every Imagine Pools™ swimming pool is manufactured under strict factory controlled conditions using only top of the line components. Under the dazzling gelcoat surface lies premium quality Vinyl Ester Resin and fiberglass, layered around a durability-reinforcing
Centurion Core.

These industry leading advancements create a swimming pool resistant to corrosion that accommodates for ground movement due
to changing weather conditions, all while looking absolutely stunning.

A composite fiberglass pool requires far less maintenance than traditional options. The smooth gelcoat finish is non-abrasive, providing little to no spaces for algae to grow. The non-porous surface also means fewer chemicals are necessary to maintain proper water balance.

Celebration HeroFiberglass pools require only around 30 minutes of upkeep each week, and never need to be drained, replaced or resurfaced. This means you can spend your pool time relaxing, enjoying your space with friends and family.

With a commitment to quality, every Imagine Pools™ swimming pool is crafted with marine-grade technology and Centurion Core™ Construction and backed with a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty.

The Freedom with Splash Pad

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Jeff Knapp

The Pool Doctor